Memo From Mad Manor: 2018-07-09

Magnus Is All Ears

Where@bouts host and mad genius creative director Magnus Genioso is making the rounds this summer, talking about the podcast and audio art at several events and shows.

invisibilia's lulu miller interviewed mags recently for american public media's call to Mind forum in St. Paul. They talked about someone's screaming outside, ethics in sampling and the power of witnessing, a major theme of the piece. The conversation was recorded for broadcast. follow us on facebook and twitter and you'll be the first to know if and when it's scheduled to air.

the eclectic, experimental Long Live The New Sound podcast just featured "yasmeen's rally" in their feed last week. expect more Mad Genius pieces to emerge on the show in the near future. it's a wonderful place for unexpected noises.

and finally: ever wanted to know the methods behind our madness? joan schuman's terrific audio gallery Earlid is hosting an on-line summer listening symposium, "Radio without scaffolding." starting July 15th, join magnus, along with producers from constellations, the white whale, a therapist walks into a bar, Love + Radio, That Tuesday and Long LIve the New Sound as we write, listen and talk about experimentation in our respective podcasts. post your questions and feedback at earlid and we'll respond. Expect inspiration, debate and an avalanche of audio.

Memo From Mad Manor: 2018-03-03

Free Speech And Safe Spaces

Photo Credit: Marc Monaghan

Photo Credit: Marc Monaghan

We're wrapping up our chicago remix, which in some ways has been about the intersection of free speech and safe spaces. check out this week's where@bouts for closing thoughts from our guest, yasmeen elagha, on that intersection and how it changed her political life. Plus, the first sounds from where we're headed next.

Want the remix? stream "yasmeen's rally" on your favorite music platform or download the track here at mad manor.

Memo From Mad Manor: 2018-02-24

Harmony In Dissonance

Photo Credit: Scott Olson, Getty Images

Photo Credit: Scott Olson, Getty Images

over at the podcast this week, how to find harmony where's the very little of it. we share samples of a choir we constructed from the chicago trump rally fall out.

all the sounds come from "Yasmeen's Rally" the latest story/song in our mad genius where@bouts singles series. download here. Stream anywhere you play your music. and while you're out there, please write a review.

Memo From Mad Manor: 2018-02-17

A Sonata of Screams

Photo Credit: M. Scott Mahaskey

Photo Credit: M. Scott Mahaskey

A collection of yells, screams and shouts forms the pulse under our latest where@bouts piece, "yasmeen's rally." find out how we did it in this week's podcast

Download the song "Yasmeen's rally" right now at the mad manor store, or stream the track at your favorite music platform. thank you, thank you. 

Memo From Mad Manor: 2018-02-09

"The Tide Completely Turned..."

Photo Credit: Charles Rex Arbogast/AP

Photo Credit: Charles Rex Arbogast/AP

We're revisiting some of our favorite samples from "yasmeen's Rally," which debuted last week on the podcast. this week, A literal crescendo of anger.

Download the single version of "Yasmeen's Rally" here at mad manor, stream it at your favorite music platform and subscribe to where@bouts as we sort out the sound from that chaotic chicago night.

Memo From Mad Manor: 2018-02-02

Yasmeen's Rally

Photo Credit: WLS-TV Chicago

Photo Credit: WLS-TV Chicago

we've been building a song with our podcast listeners this month. a wall of confrontation, assembled one sound at a time. the results are finally here.

"yasmeen's rally" tells the story of Yasmeen Elagha, who is attending her first presidential rally in 2016. Donald Trump is visiting her campus, the university of illinois at chicago, months after proposing a Muslim immigration ban. "I wanted to face Trump and say, I am a Muslim woman, I wear the hijab and I was going to express myself."

The song is featured in today's Where@bouts episode. Like what you hear? download the single version, available now at the mad manor store. stream "yasmeen's rally" by Mad Genius at your favorite music platform.

thanks for your support. 

Memo from Mad Manor: 2018-01-26

TV Cameras And Assholes

Photo Credit: Cassandra Davis

Photo Credit: Cassandra Davis

why do TV camera microphones attract racists? anecdotal, yes, but we have sonic evidence in this week's podcast. We also meet a Chicago college student who stood up while surrounded by hatred. it's all in piece four of our latest audio puzzle.

memo from mad manor: 2018-01-19

"Media's Fault!"

Photo Credit: Chris Riha

Photo Credit: Chris Riha

This week on Where@bouts, we're searching for bass in an angry crowd. My advice? Start with the guy who hates the media. piece three of our audio puzzle, now in your podcast feed.

memo from mad manor: 2018-01-12

This Week's Podcast Is A Scream

Photo Credit: Scott olson, Getty Images

Photo Credit: Scott olson, Getty Images

Piece two of our audio puzzle hit phones this morning. magnus looks for melodic screamers at a trump rally. he finds they share an unusual quality. subscribe to where@bouts for more.

Memo From Mad Manor: 2018-01-05  

Piece One From A Larger Audio Puzzle

photo Credit: Bloomberg

photo Credit: Bloomberg

We'd like to share a sound with you, piece one of a larger audio puzzle. Subscribe to Where@bouts. Set this podcast for "continuous play" in you preferred audio player. Stream from oldest to newest. We'll piece it together for you over the next few weeks. 

Memo from Mad Manor: 2017-08-26

Mercurial Manor Movements

something's afoot at mad manor. magnus reports lots of foul language and politically-charged rhetoric rising from the basement. could a new episode be coming from the least prolific podcast on the web? subscribers should be prepared. if we launch something, you can bet your 808 it will be weird. Surely not two dudes in a room talking.

meanwhile, our broadcast friends are listening, waiting and (gasp) playing our stuff on the radio. Wbez's Re:sound will broadcast "The Magic Skates" over Chicago tomorrow night. it's part of their exclamation-enthused episode "The finally! show." 

chicago listeners new to our shenanigans can subscribe to where@bouts here and download the songs. more downloads + more streams = more cash + more remixes. And there will be more. we aren't forcing magnus to listen to profanity for our own pleasure... 

...or are we?

memo from mad manor: 2016-08-25

PRX Reviews Where@bouts

prx, the public radio exchange, is currently rocking the latest episode of where@bouts, our podcast about the sense of place. you can hear us on their nationally syndicated radio show, the prx remix app, on their sirius xm channel and at their blog, where prx's josh swartz is lacing up his skates

"...the story comes into its own when mad genius remixes the sounds of the roller rink into a song reflecting (skater Jeanne) du snark's experience. this is the calling card of where@bouts, exploring a sense of place through found sounds, then remixing those sounds into a song. mad genius describes the show as an 'art popcast,' but whatever you call it, it's incredibly unique and well produced...

...even du snark's voice somehow feels melodic in the hands of mad genius. the remixed composition actually adds to the story. I'm curious to hear more..."

well, josh, a helpful suggestion: bring a sizable supply of oxygen to your next where@bouts listening experience. WE'll explain why in the near future. in the meantime, give episode 004, "the magic skates," a spin and download the remix from the mad manor shop

memo from mad manor: 2016-07-12

Where@bouts 004: "The Magic Skates"

"When I have my skates on, I'm awake and I'm alive. I don't have to take drugs." Jeanne Du Snark brings the pain for the Mad Rollin' Dolls, a roller derby league in Madison, Wisconsin. She does this while living with her own persistent pain.

found sound artists Mad Genius tell Jeanne's story while remixing her skates into an arena-shaking stomp. all this and Magnus Genioso attempts to host the podcast on wheels?  where's that subscribe button?  

after you listen, drop by the mad manor store and download this episode's remix. It's part of our where@bouts single series and your purchase funds future shows. 

Memo From Mad Manor: 2016-04-01

The Trick's On You

mad manor multimedia invites you to dim the lights, put on your headphones and pick a card. the latest episode of hangman radio was recorded live at milwaukee's shaker's cigar bar and mad manor microphones were on hand to capture a sordid tale. now pour yourself a drink and enjoy "armando the amazing," a magician with more than just tricks up his sleeve.  

want more hangman? it'll make you feel wrong in all the right ways...


Memo from mad manor: 2015-11-20

Mad Genius Visits The Church of The SubGenius, Says 'Hi' To Bob

The national cynical network is phineas narco's long-running collage program, heard in a number of places, both broadcast and webcast. plunderphonic fans may remember him as a contributor to over the edge, negativland's program on kpfa. 

ncn's world is one of recycled media, psychedelic colours and off-colour jokes. so we were positively thrilled when he recently played not one, not two, but three tracks off our ...2012 record available here. you can stream the show above, we appear around 90 minutes into narco's mix.

And yeah, if you can't stand profanity, conspiracy theories, sacrilege and an extended run of redneck cussin' then, well, enjoy!  

memo from mad manor: 2015-10-15

Mary Anne Will Have Her Revenge

Hangman radio opens their new season with a scream. mad manor microphones follow the 1894 players down a dark alley of deception, lust, madness and murder. recorded live at shaker's cigar bar and based on a true brew city story, the mary anne wheeler affair is perfect for a late autumn night listen. dim the lights, pour yourself a drink and watch your back...

want more hangman? bartender, this listener would like another... 

Memo from Mad manor: 2015-07-30

The Return of Where@bouts

A librarian sniffles! a man nearly drowns! and the arty lil' "popcast" about the sense of place shares its mission with the world! Join Magnus Genioso as he explains the who, what, when, why and how of where@bouts.

Bonus: We un-mix and rebuild "Hurricane Mike" before your very ears. hit that subscribe button...

memo from mad manor: 2015-07-02

"Every Sin. Every Vice."

Hangman radio is back with a new episode, "the politician's son." it's our pleasure to record this podcast with the talented actors and artists at shaker's cigar bar in milwaukee. i'll let them describe this episode: "it's the tale of a struggling young politician in the throes of prohibition trying to make his way in the world, until he finds himself in arms of severe conflict... and a brothel worker."

want to hear more? we've got your extra nip right here.

Memo From Mad Manor: 2015-06-30

We Are Releasing Our Album For Free

Find out why. Download the album and learn how you can support future mad manor projects.

Donate to Mad Manor Multimedia.

memo from mad manor: 2015-06-23

Sounds Alive Leaks Mad Genius! accident. kind of. but we're cool. Let us explain...


our fellow sound addict Julien clancy at sound alive tweeted us this morning, wondering if he could showcase a single from the where@bouts project that he found on itunes. wonderful news! the only problem is that track wasn't supposed to be on itunes until july.

seems the cat's out of the bag. probably our fault, really.

ahem, mad genius is proud to suddenly announce our where@bouts singles series. inspired by our podcast, mad genius will release remastered single versions of the songs featured on the show for your listening pleasure. your purchases will help to fund future episodes of the podcast and, concurrently, more where@bouts tracks.

The songs featured in our two pilot episodes are already available, much to our surprise, on itunes, amazon and other digital retailers. they'll also be available through later today. and we're absolutely thrilled that dublin's sounds alive will host the world premiere of the remastered single "resale records" later tonight. honestly! tickets for their listening party are available here.

thanks, julien. 


memo from mad manor: 2015-06-17

The End Is At Hand

the new album arrives on june 30th. that's the cover above. go to the album page for the tracklist, artwork, streaming music, the free first single and more...

memo from mad manor: 2015-06-16

Where's Magnus? (Part 2)

the answer comes tomorrow. keep watch, the end of times is near.

memo from mad manor: 2015-06-10

Magnus Is Evacuating From A Hurricane

well, not really. it's simply another image from the artwork of our upcoming ...2012 reissue. hurricane sandy photograph by adam hunger. modifications by chris rand

memo from mad manor: 2015-06-09

Where's Magnus?

leave your guesses now at facebook or twitter. Correct answers get a free mad genius track.

memo from mad manor: 2015-06-03

Support Third Coast. Download A Song.

three years ago, the third coast international audio festival debuted an evocative new project by found sound artists mad genius. That project, ...2012, is being reissued digitally on june 30th. to say thanks, mad genius is "gifting" the first single to third coast. it's called "higgs Boson!" 10% of donations made to mad manor for our ...2012 album (the amount raised by the "Higgs" track) will go to third coast.

Memo from mad manor: 2015-05-24

Self-Releasing An Album Is Easy (Part 2)

artwork is near the finish line. licensing is underway. websites are being rebuilt. surprises are in store.

we are working very hard behind the scenes to share exciting sounds and images with you. thank you for your patience.

Memo from mad manor: 2015-03-25

Self-Releasing An Album Is Easy...

"It only takes a day," They said. "all the kids are doing it." well, let us be the first to say: "lies! all lies!"

As you may have read on this very site, we're remastering our 2012 project and releasing it as an album. the early masters are in and, boy howdy, does it sound excellent thus far. But dropping an album on the web takes more than just audio. it takes collaboration with brilliant artists, photographers, podcasters and - trust us when we say this - a good boat.

While it may seem quiet at mad manor, we're working harder than we ever have. we now expect "2012" to hit web stores in may. between now and then, we plan on rewarding your patience with a few visual and audio surprises. keep your antennae finely tuned.   

Memo from Mad manor: 2015-02-27

New Hangman Radio To Break Hearts

mad manor multimedia is proud to announce the latest episode of hangman radio, our collaboration with shakers cigar bar in milwaukee. "The Red Suspenders" was recorded before a packed audience on valentine's night and features hearty amounts of comedy, romance, hookers and alcohol. just don't trip over the beer barrels. need another nip? bartender...

Memo FROM MAD MANOR: 2015-02-06 

Mad Genius Wants Your Where@bouts

the little arty "popcast" about the sense of place is seeking more, um, places. AFter launching in 2014 with two pilot episodes, where@bouts will return in 2015 with more storysongs. locations must have interesting ambience, an arresting story and someone with pluck to guide our curious ears. Head over to 'casts if you've got the stuff...   

memo from mad manor: 2015-02-06

Mad Genius Returns To WBEZ

We promised we'd be back, chicago.

listen to mad genius on wbez's re:sound this weekend. Third Coast International Audio FEstival will re-air their interview with our own magnus Genioso and feature tracks from our "2012" project.

Speaking of "2012," we'll be back at ultimate audio tonight, live-tweeting our mastering session for the itunes album release. you read that right, wbez fans, you'll soon be able to buy these songs. get the lowdown right here at

Memo from mad manor: 2015-02-03

Mastering Mad Genius

we've left the cozy confines of mad manor to haunt the halls of ultimate audio mastering. with their steady hands and open ears, we're putting the finishing touches on the itunes version of our "2012" project. we're also live-tweeting the process for all you audiophiles out there. expect another session later this week.

He-Man and the Mastering Engineers of the Universe

Memo from Mad Manor: 2015-01-16

TuneIn To Where@bouts

we're sending our where@bouts far and wide. tunein users can now subscribe to the little arty "popcast" about the sense of place. get your audio fix right here...


memo from mad manor: 2015-01-14

Hangman Radio Goes Live

hurrah! "hangman radio" has hit the web. mad manor multimedia is proud to record this bawdy slice of 1920's radio noir. stream the first three episodes at hangman's soundcloud page and learn more here at mad manor. want just a nip? here's episode three, "Oh Miss Kitty."

Memo from Mad Manor: 2014-12-12

Mad Genius To Relive The Apocalypse

ahh, 2012. remember how we were all supposed to die? good times.  

Mad Genius invites you to relive the year the four horsemen failed by downloading our upcoming album. In 2012, we remixed our news and social media into 10 storysongs, a sonic time capsule for the end of days that didn't end. often ridiculous, occasionally grave and always unforgettable, we're currently remastering these tracks for itunes. Visit the album page for details...       

Memo from Mad Manor: 2014-11-06

Mad Genius To Invade Third Coast

We'll be breaking our anonymous bit tomorrow to float among the sonic geniuses at chicago's third coast conference. Like an audio ghost. and we may just leave some ectoplasmic noise behind as evidence of our haunting. follow us on twitter for clues, egon...

we're on a mission from god.

Memo from Mad Manor: 2014-10-23

Mad Love From Madchester

noise festival 2014 has awarded mad genius an excellent rosette for our new podcast, Where@bouts. this means that brian eno may have actually listened to our work. or not. we're really not sure, but hey, his face is on this neat little graphic they sent us. what we do know is that we're being featured at the festival's manchester exhibit for the next few weeks. and for that we thank them.    

Memo from Mad Manor: 2014-08-27

Looking For Labor Day Fun?

Go road trippin' with mad Genius as we remix a band's van. Yeah, that's right. We remixed a chevy owned and operated by milwaukee's own hugh bob and the hustle. this track was featured in our most recent where@bouts episode. subscribe to the podcast or support our work by purchasing the single version of the song from itunes.