From Memorex To Mad Genius

it's a mad, mad, mad, mad story...

the blame lies with the generic sears catalog home stereo unit and multicolored memorex cassettes. no cds. no vinyl. and lots of pens for rewinding.

the members of mad genius share loop lore: anxious index fingers on the pause button, waiting for the precise snare hits to pass from "paul revere." rewind and record twenty times. the warped tape was a welcome side effect. we traded tapes like baseball cards and odd ears demanded odd sources: ghostly am static, atari sound effects, casey kasem and "Knee deep in the hoopla."  

(Play simultaneously for full effect.)

then, in the early winter of 1987, a sonic bomb dropped in chicago.

we spent 17 years in the post headroom fallout, wandering the wasteland, clutching to all these found sounds. in 2004, we woke to the dawn of social media and the dusk of napster. sampling was still legally sketchy, we had left bands behind for reputable broadcasting careers. a nom de plume was necessary and mad genius was born.

we snatch sounds by day, when no one's looking. we gather by night at mad manor, our online mansion, anonymously assembling pop from the flotsam.  

our sound is a pop landslide of sonic litter. mutt lange meets noise pollution. our band: a free form family of sample addicts.  

Remix a mad genius track.

8 years into our music-making, making music no longer made money. So we opened our multimedia wing, sculpting stories for broadcast. our first series, "2012: a year in your ear," aired on bbc radio 4, chicago public radio and the third coast audio festival. our latest, "Where@bouts," is the little art popcast about the sense of place. it's everything we are in one project: still scavenging for sounds, still assembling art, only this time uncovering the folklore. our anonymity grants us the liberty to dance with eccentrics.  

odd ears demand odd sources, and with "where@bouts," mad genius hopes to celebrate the odd.  

join us.     

Join The Band?

Indeed. we consider sounds and samples to be instruments. thus, if you bring your "instrument" to the sample study, we consider you to be residents at the manor. share noise or swipe ours for your next project. our house is your house.

Who Is Magnus Genioso?

magnus genioso handles p.r. for the mysterious collective of musicians known as mad genius. hired because he looks good in a suit and tie, he was promoted in 2014 to host our podcast "where@bouts."

"raised in geniushire, uk, it was there that i picked up my first instrument, the gutbucket. my natural talent naturally explaining my rise to prominence with the house band at the apollo theater. no, not that one. the one that burned down in chester, pennsylvania. down on my luck, I was discovered by mad genius and put in charge of their facebook page. oddly enough, they won't let me play gutbucket on their album, which i suppose is just as well."

mr. genioso handles all mad manor communication with worlds both known and unknown. he resides in Flyingeby, Skåne Län, Sweden, because he liked the umlaut. you may contact him below.  

If You Haven't Got Anything Nice To Say...

Excellent rosette - 2014 Noise Festival (brian eno guest curator)

2012 zeitfunk award -

"Mad Genius blew me away. A song made from all the sounds of Hurricane Sandy? This is the coolest thing I ever heard. Can't wait for this kind of work to find its place in public radio." - Jessica Murri, Boise State Public Radio.

"Now this is the next wave of music making I'm talking about... or will be." - Silence Nogood.

"Lovely." - Geoff McQueen, Radio Production, University of Salford. 

"wow. this is abstract as shit! i love it!" - fantasy talk, soundcloud listener

"Incredible work. Does listening to Mad Genius at work count as research?" - everything Sounds

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