005 - Yasmeen's Rally


The fifth song from Where@bouts, the podcast that remixes the world.

March, 2016. Yasmeen Elagha attends her first presidential rally, a speech by Donald Trump in Chicago, months after he proposed a Muslim immigration ban. "I wanted to face Trump and say, I am a Muslim woman, I wear the hijab and I was going to express myself." Found sound artists Mad Genius remix Yasmeen's story, and all the sounds we've shared, in a wall of confrontation.

Like the remix? Stream the song "Yasmeen's Rally" on your favorite music platform. Or download the track at www.madmanor.com

004 - The Magic Skates


Jeanne Du Snark brings the pain for the Mad Rollin' Dolls, a roller derby league in Madison, Wisconsin. She does this while living with her own persistent pain. "When I have my skates on, I'm awake and I'm alive. I don't have to take drugs."

Found sound artists Mad Genius recorded Jeanne's world, remixing her skates into an arena-shaking stomp. Bonus: Magnus Genioso hosts this episode on wheels. "You could get hit from anywhere. Just be ready."   

Like the remix? Download it at www.madmanor.com.

003 - The Adventures of Hurricane Mike


It's our podcast manifesto episode! We'll explain the who, what, when, how and why of Where@bouts. We'll revisit the piece that inspired this journey into the sense of place, remix the story before your very ears and spill the beans on where we're going next. We're also featuring a track off our newly remastered album ...2012, which you can download for free at www.madmanor.com.

002 - Hugh Bob's Van


Milwaukee's Hugh Bob and the Hustle have been roaming America's highways and rock clubs for nearly three years. Their 15-passenger Chevy van is their home away from home. They've played in it, slept in it, drank in it and stood by it after two break-ins. Found sound artists Mad Genius recently recorded the Hustle's van, remixing its hum and steel into a folk-rock ditty. Singer and guitarist Hugh Masterson was at the wheel.

001 - Resale Records


Mad Genius presents the debut episode of what we hope will be a long exploration of the sense of place.

Resale Records is a used vinyl store in Madison, Wisconsin. Owner Eric Teisberg opened shop in the late '70s, using a Quonset hut that once housed a car repair business. Nearly 40 years later, Eric looks back on his work and life with a frank assessment toward our changing relationship with music.