mad genius

005 - Yasmeen's Rally


The fifth song from Where@bouts, the podcast that remixes the world.

March, 2016. Yasmeen Elagha attends her first presidential rally, a speech by Donald Trump in Chicago, months after he proposed a Muslim immigration ban. "I wanted to face Trump and say, I am a Muslim woman, I wear the hijab and I was going to express myself." Found sound artists Mad Genius remix Yasmeen's story, and all the sounds we've shared, in a wall of confrontation.

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004 - The Magic Skates


Jeanne Du Snark brings the pain for the Mad Rollin' Dolls, a roller derby league in Madison, Wisconsin. She does this while living with her own persistent pain. "When I have my skates on, I'm awake and I'm alive. I don't have to take drugs."

Found sound artists Mad Genius recorded Jeanne's world, remixing her skates into an arena-shaking stomp. Bonus: Magnus Genioso hosts this episode on wheels. "You could get hit from anywhere. Just be ready."   

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