The Mad Manor Sample Study

mad genius has recorded, shared and, ahem, helped themselves to some pretty odd sounds over the years. karma said it was only fair we share them with you. join the mad manor sample study and download them all on soundcloud.

take a sample. leave a sample. make art... ...or just eavesdrop.   

Smithson Goes To The Birds
(Mad Genius Remixes The Smithsonian)

in 2013, the smithsonian posted a flurry of odd samples, most of them bird calls, from their sound archive and challenged musicians around the globe to remix them. not content with a mere mash-up, mad genius picked up the torch and composed an entirely new song using only archive material. inspired by the golden age of museums, what we imagine to be the '20s and '30s, we assembled this jazzy little electronic ditty. art damaged sample pop you can jitterbug to. take that, dear smithy!

you'll soon be able to purchase "smithson goes to the birds" along with the rest of our remastered catalog on itunes.

Hangman Radio

mad manor multimedia is pleased to announce that we've joined forces with milwaukee's hangman tours and shaker's cigar bar for a new podcast series. "hangman radio" is a seedy, bawdy slice of audio noir, soaked in sex, alcohol, sin and murder. mad genius is thrilled to record these performances live on stage before shaker's stylish audience. "sounds dastardly!" you say. honey, it's the cat's meow...   

The Moth StorySLAM

mad manor multimedia is proud to record the monthly moth storyslam at milwaukee's miramar theatre. true stories, told live, the radio version of the moth airs on more than 200 public radio stations. it's also available as a podcast, which we're told is quite popular. Enjoy this story recorded at our very first storyslam in 2012. it involves ice, a woman and a dog named sadie, which she calls her "good daughter."